AIM Higher Consortium plans to strengthen the region’s defense supply chain

The defense industrial economy of West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania is set to see some potential growth over the next few years thanks to the newly formed AIM Higher Consortium, which plans to strengthen the region’s defense supply chain.

Funded by the United States Department of Defense, the AIM Higher Consortium spans the entire state of West Virginia and 12 counties in southwestern Pennsylvania, and so far it’s brought together more than two dozen organizations and higher education institutions in an attempt to reach its goals.

Petra Mitchell, president, and CEO of Catalyst Connection in Pittsburgh, which oversees the consortium, said the main goal of the initiative is to foster improvement and growth in the region’s defense supply chain companies.

According to Mitchell and the Catalyst Connection website, the consortium aims to accomplish three main goals during its three-year lifespan: create and retain 500 defense sector jobs, see $240 million in growth in the region’s defense sector and see $40 million in new defense sector investments.

View full article from The State Journal here.


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