AIM2LEARN: Employing Multiple Realities (XR: AR, VR and MR/HR) in Manufacturing

The role of multiple realities has been growing rapidly in engineering applications including manufacturing. This webinar looks into extended reality (XR) via its components: augmented, virtual, and mixed or hybrid reality (AR, VR and MR/HR), their applications in manufacturing, and associated hardware and software tools. Uses of XR in product design feasibility, process and assembly improvements, safety, and training will be covered with help from case studies. The webinar will conclude with possible future extension of multiple realities into other areas including digital/virtual twins.

Key Takeaways

•               Understanding XR via its components: AR, VR and MR/HR, their applications, and associated hardware and software tools.

•               Understanding successful of examples of XR in manufacturing industries

•               Understanding future opportunities

Who Should Attend?

Technical and non-technical staff and executives from small-, medium-, and large-scale manufacturers are encouraged to attend.

About the Presenter:

Arif Sirinterlikci, Ph.D., CMfgE, Professor, Robert Morris University

Dr. Sirinterlikci is a University Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Robert Morris University. His teaching and research interests lie in manufacturing engineering, including the fields of 3D scanning and reverse engineering, 3D printing, additive manufacturing and tooling, and industrial robotics and automation.

This webinar is part of the AIM2LEARN education series that is hosted by the AIM Higher Consortium. Speakers present for 30 minutes on a topic relevant to the defense industry supply chain. Each webinar serves as a tool to help regional manufacturers improve their competitive advantage and strategies to expand business with the U.S. Department of Defense and the subcontractors that serve them. This webinar is available at no cost thanks to a grant provided by the Department of Defense Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (DoD-OLDCC). You can learn more about the AIM Higher Consortium at

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