AIM2LEARN: MDS-Rely – a National Science Foundation Industry University Cooperative Research Center

In this session, we will provide an overview of the Materials Data Science for Reliability and Degradation (MDS-Rely) Center – a National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) jointly run by Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). The primary goal of MDS-Rely is materials data science and the application of data science-informed research to better understand the reliability and lifetime performance of essential materials, products, and devices.

This webinar introduces participants to MDS-Rely and its benefits for potential members. This includes education and training opportunities, access to professors and students, direction of academic research impact, software access, access to research facilities and results, and various networking opportunities. The center currently consists of eight members and includes biannual meetings, biweekly project meetings, monthly technical seminars, monthly newsletters, and a members portal.

About the Presenters:

Laura Bruckman, Co-Director of MDS-Rely for Case Western Reserve University Laura Bruckman’s is an Associate Professor in Materials Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University whose research is focused on a data science approach to material degradation due to particular stressors. She is an expert on quantitative spectroscopic techniques and image analysis to quantify material degradation and develop predictive and degradation pathway models. Her area of focus has been on solar packaging, building envelopes, and coatings.

Paul Leu is the Co-Director of MDS-Rely for the University of Pittsburgh Paul Leu is an Associate Professor and the BP America Faculty Fellow in the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Pittsburgh. His research group the Laboratory for Advanced Materials at Pittsburgh (LAMP) focuses on functional materials and understanding how these functionalities change over time.

This webinar is part of the AIM2LEARN education series.

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