AIM2LEARN: Robotic Adhesive & Sealant Dispensing – Addressing Ongoing Difficulties and Problems of Manual Application Webinar

This presentation will discuss the problems and challenges encountered by manufacturers in the manual application of adhesives & sealants; the various specific industries/applications where this is solution applicable; and the Robot27 robotic solution that leverages industrial/collaborative robots to address needs in these areas.  The presentation will be a short PowerPoint presentation that will include short video clips showing actual material dispensing using the ROBOT27’s “Dispense” product.

Who Should Consider Attending:  This presentation will benefit anyone who is seeking a viable alternative solution to manual dispensing addressing problems such as over-dispensing, under-dispensing and/or completely missing dispensing locations of adhesives & sealants, resulting in costly rework costs and/or scrap.  The presentation will also discuss the company’s application feasibility study (AFS) process to confirm application feasibility of the customer’s specific application, and the ROBOT27 product solution which is designed to be programmed and operated by non-technical personnel.

About the Presenters:

Craig Tomita

Craig Tomita, VP of Sales, ROBOT27
Craig Tomita has been with ROBOT27 for just under a year.  He has over 35 years of experience in industrial robotics, factory automation, and machine vision having worked for major global manufacturers.  Just prior to joining ROBOT27, he was the Western Regional Manager for UNIVERSAL ROBOTS; and a field client advisor for CALIFORNIA MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING (CMTC), the Manufacturing Extension Partnership for the State of California.

Martin Caestecker, Director of Operations, ROBOT27

Over the last 9 years, Martin Caestecker has worked in many customer-facing aspects of ROBOT27 including product support, adhesive testing, and order fulfillment.  Martin is also involved in software development, interface design, and product engineering.

This webinar is part of the AIM2LEARN education series that is hosted by the AIM Higher Consortium. Speakers present for 30 minutes on a topic relevant to the defense industry supply chain. Each webinar serves as a tool to help regional manufacturers improve their competitive advantage and strategies to expand business with the U.S. Department of Defense and the subcontractors that serve them. This webinar is available at no cost thanks to a grant provided by the Department of Defense Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (DoD-OLDCC). You can learn more about the AIM Higher Consortium at

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