AMNOW: Discover How Digital Manufacturing is Changing the Supply Chain in the Defense Industry

This virtual 60-minute webinar will bring awareness of and provide details on how to support the digital supply chain in the defense industry.

Ultimately, the creation and integration of the digital supply chain will aid the rapid transfer of manufacturing process information between the DoD and its suppliers and accelerate the on-demand production of critical parts.

The agenda will include:

• What is needed for small- and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) to engage in digital defense manufacturing

• A demonstration of AMNOW • Questions and Answers

Targeted attendees for this online event are SMMs interested in or currently doing work for the DoD.


The AMNOW program is a testbed to develop and validate a prototype digital manufacturing supply chain for the U.S. Army and its DoD contractors. Multiple U.S. Army component manufacturing projects are being conducted that demonstrate the benefits of a digitally connected supply chain. Identifying and registering your capabilities with an ARMY manufacturing program—realize the power of data in a manufacturing organization – how to visualize and use data collected from the shop floor.

DATE: Thursday, March 31, 2022 TIME: NOON to 1:00 PM


AMNOW is executed by the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center (DEVCOM AvMC). The DEVCOM AvMC mission is to develop, integrate, demonstrate, and sustain aviation and missile systems capabilities to support modernization priorities and improve readiness. AMNOW is managed by NCDMM – the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining.

Who should attend?

Attendees will be encouraged to get registered with AMNOW to capitalize on the power of data collected on the shop floor.

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