The Pennsylvania Talent Pipeline Project Expands to Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, PA – The Navy held a Pennsylvania Talent Pipeline Project round table discussion on April 7, 2022, at the Community College of Allegheny County, West Hills Center.  The purpose was to gauge the Pittsburgh region’s demand to support Submarine Industrial Base Suppliers with the Program Management, education, training, and coaching to enable employers to re-capitalize their skilled trade workforce to better meet the future production demands of the Navy.  CMDCM(SS) Josh Sturgill, Command Master Chief for Team Submarine, met with Pittsburgh region employers and Career and Technical Education Programs and listened to how the Talent Pipeline Project could be customized to the Pittsburgh region’s specific circumstance.     

The discussion focused on expanding the Pennsylvania Pipeline Project to Pittsburgh.  The project strives to educate employers about talent acquisition and retention through building relationships and talent pipelines at area high schools, community colleges, and CTE centers.  The expansion to the Pittsburgh region will enable another pipeline of talent and aims to build a skilled workforce for the submarine industrial base.  Over the next several months the program management team will be identifying partners, conducting assessments, and preparing for the first year of implementation beginning with a kickoff meeting on June 15, 2022

In May 2021, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and the Navy launched an initiative with the mission of energizing and engaging the greater Philadelphia defense industrial base through the creation of maritime focused manufacturing pipelines.  These pipelines will recapitalize the defense workforce and address critical trade skill gaps required across the maritime and defense ecosystems, including the Navy, Coast Guard, Maritime Administration (MARAD)).  Trade needs for the industry include welders, machinists, metal fabricators, electricians, ship fitters, and NDT/Quality Assurance to name a few.

“The demand signal demonstrated today clearly displayed that the Pittsburgh region will benefit from the Submarine Talent Pipeline Project’s support and we will move forward”, said CMDCM(SS) Sturgill.  “The Pittsburgh region is critical to the future growth of the submarine industrial base and assisting industry in building reliable talent pipelines.  The strength of the talent pipeline is as vital as any capability of an actual submarine.”  The Pennsylvania Talent Pipeline Project will positively impact the Pittsburgh economy by creating and sustaining a maritime and defense industrial base-focused pipeline that enables employers to re-capitalize their workforce through recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining a skilled workforce with critical trade skills for one year as productive and engaged new employees.

Employers that are part of the critical maritime supply chains will commit to hire and retain program graduates into well-paying and mission-critical careers.  The goal is to grow their unique talents and ensure long-term success within the maritime defense industry.

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