Case Study – Form Logic

The company OpenAI has offered ChatGPT for public use with great fanfare. This case study considers how ChatGPT and Large Language Models might be used in the manufacturing context. A student group in a new Carnegie Mellon course explored its potential at Formlogic (a new Pittsburgh company that specializes in high precision, low volume, high […]

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Case Study – Capsen Robotics

The project addressed three of the underlying causes for slow adoption among Small and Medium Manufacturers (SMMs) by lowering the cost (and time) of robot integration and by making it easier for users to deploy robots in high-mix, low-volume applications and to move the robot around to new work-cell locations in a factory. […]

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Case Study – Liberty Hill Company

Northrop Grumman and Liberty Hill Company have expanded their partnership as Liberty Hill worked to complete its AS9100 certification. For increased contracting opportunities, Northrop Grumman has required subcontractors to acquire AS9100 certification for quality controls. MAMC guided Liberty Hill through this process helping them earn this certification. […]

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Case Study – Huntington Plating

Over the course of five months, MAMC worked to cross-train and upskill Huntington Plating’s workforce. Two employees were taught the design engineering software, Solidworks. Two machinists were cross-trained in MIG, SMAW, PAC, OFC, and GMAW welding techniques and two welders were taught CNC operations and programming. […]

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Case Study – Lumiaerospace, LLC

Luminaerospace, LLC began with an original product, the linear taxiway edge lighting, which offers increased visibility of taxiway boundaries at airports. IW helped Luminaerospace work towards building a local and US-based supply chain to be eligible to sell his product to the DoD. Luminaerospace is now expanding the applications of their technologies into other traffic […]

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Case Study – Reynolds Machine Company, Inc.

Reynolds Machine works with clients in the aerospace industry who demand Reynolds maintain AS9100 compliance. Catalyst Connection’s Craig Wilson performed the audit activities and completed the reporting activities to allow Reynold’s to continue to meet this quality standard. […]

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Case Study – ESTAT Actuation, Inc.

Stuart Diller launched ESTAT Actuation, Inc. and first engaged with Innovation Works (IW) in 2018. Since then, IW’s AlphaLab Gear helped him develop his prototype of a rotational electrostatic clutch, and the Scalable Innovation Grant helped him build relationships with manufacturers. […]

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Case Study – Valence Surface Technologies, LLC

Valence Surface Technologies, LLC, located in Indiana County, is an industrial coating services company specializing in metal pretreatment, passivation, anodizing, powder coating, and painting. Additionally, they offer specialized services in painting, plating, finishing, assembly, and special packaging. […]

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